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Installing Redgate Data Tools for Visual Studio Enterprise 2017

  1. Launch Visual Studio Installer from the Start menu.

  2. The installer will prompt for an update. Select Update. Once the update is complete, it will launch the Installer Window. Select Modify under Visual Studio Enterprise 2017

  3. Select the check box next to Data Storage and Processing to add the components relating to this workload. Click the Modify button to complete the installation

Wait for the installer to finish and launch Visual Studio. You will now find Redgate Data Tools for Visual Studio Enterprise 2017 installed and available.

Installing ReadyRoll extension for Team Foundation Server

In order to use the ReadyRoll tasks in your build and release defintions, you will need to install the extension from the Marketplace

  1. Open a browser and navigate to the ReadyRoll extension page on the Visual Studio Marketplace - https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=redgatesoftware.redgate-readyroll

  2. Select the Download button to download and save the vsix file

  3. Navigate to http://vsalm:8080/tfs/_gallery/manage to access the Manage Extension page in TFS. Select the Upload new extension button to add the downloaded ReadyRoll extension

  4. Locate the extension file you downloaded and select Open

  5. Once the extension upload is complete, select the Install button next to the ReadyRoll extension

  6. You will need to specify the Team Project Collection to which you want to install the extension. Select PartsUnlimitedCollection from the Collection dropdown and select Confirm

  7. You can now start using the ReadyRoll extension in the PartsUnlimitedCollection team project collection.